Deeds/Real Estate Recording

Before Recording, the following items must be completed:

⇒ Proper Notary acknowledgement, notary signature, notary seal, and expiration date

⇒ Grantee's permanent mailing address MUST be on the face of the deed

⇒ Deeds and Deeds of Trust are required to have the drafters name on the 1st page of the document

⇒ Recording Fees Paid  (see list of fees)

⇒ Land Transfer Tax Paid (1% of the sale price)

⇒ Excise Tax Paid ($2.00 per $1,000 or a fraction thereof based on the sales price)

S.L 1985-881

◊ All real estate documents containing a legal description, including survey plats, require a parcel identification number approved by the Chowan County Land Records/GIS Dept. Any deeds with attached survey and other surveys must be reviewed/signed by the Chowan County Review Officer before recording.

Chowan County Review Officer/GIS/Land Records Dept. : 101 S. Broad St (located in the courthouse), PO Box 487, Edenton, NC 27932. Phone Number: (252) 482-7157, Fax: (252) 482-3062.

◊ All deeds must be presented to the Chowan County Tax Office with an affidavit of consideration before recording can take place at the Register of Deeds Office. The Chowan County Tax Office is located at 305 W. Freemason St, PO Box 1030, Edenton, NC 27932. Phone number: (252) 482-8486.

◊ All documents must be dated and contain a legal description.