Marriage License


Marriage licenses are issued between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday - Friday with the exception of Holidays. The couple MUST appear in person at the Register of Deeds Office.

If either party is between the ages of 18 to 21, they must present their Driver's license, social security card and a certified copy of their birth certificate, unless born in Chowan County.

Parties wishing to marry over the age of 21 must present their Driver's license and social security card. If the original social security card is not available, we will accept any official document such as a W-2 form or banking form, which your name and social security number appears on.

Parties wishing to marry under the age of 18, please call our office for details.

If either party has ever been divorced, 1 year or less, they must present a certified copy or a filed copy of their final divorce decree.

Parties that have been divorced for over 1 year, must know the month and year of the divorce.

A marriage license issued by our office remains good for 60 days.

The marriage license fee is $60.00 payable by cash ONLY.


What Steps Do I Take To Get Married?

First, you must aquire a marriage license at a Register of Deeds Office. The license is valid for 60 days. The license will expire if the parties do not marry within the 60 day period. Marriage licenses obtained from our office can be used anywhere in the State of North Carolina. A religious Officiate of a Magistrate will perform the ceremony. The Chowan Magistrate phone number is (252) 368-5019. Please call to make an appointment.

What Do I Do After I Am Married?

All copies of your marriage license must be returned to the Register of Deeds Office in which you purchased your marriage license within 10 days. You may request a certified copy at this time for $10.00 (Cash Only). Take the certified copy of your marriage certificate to your local DMV and Social Security Offices to change your last name.

Link to Application,License, and Certificate of Marriage